Panther Prowl Staff

Class Picture 2018-19

The Panther Prowl staff is comprised of 23 freshman through senior members of the Lecanto High School student body.

The group is advised by Mrs. Sabrina Parente.

The Panther Prowl is the official student publication of Lecanto High School. The staff controls all aspects of production, content and design. The Panther Prowl strives to serve as a forum for pubic opinion. In keeping that goal, the publication abides by all editorial policies stated in the Citrus County Publications Policy.

Guest Comment Policy

The Panther Prowl welcomes all guest comments, but does not guarantee their publication. The Panther Prowl retains the right to edit or reject any material submitted.

Editorial Policy

Editorials are the opinions of the Panther Prowl staff writers. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Lecanto High School, its employees or its student body. Each article is solely the opinion of its author.

The Panther Prowl will correct or clarify any factual errors; contact Adviser Mrs. Sabrina Parente at

8 thoughts on “Panther Prowl Staff

  1. Jennifer Poyner is my mamajen

  2. love u too mama jen

  3. OHMYGOSH. You two are so cute! <3

  4. I just wanted to see who was in the class this year and who was not , and got sad because I am not in the picture. 🙁 I miss you guys!!!

  5. Wow I remember when Brianna and Ashlee were freshmen. This is weeeeeeeird but good weird 🙂

  6. Looks like you have a great team in there Mrs. Poyner! I love reading their stories!!! Miss you! Hard to believe its been two years!!!! Keep up the good work guys!!!

    I was there when it went live! 🙂

    • Jennifer Poyner

      We miss you Brittany! Thank you for stopping in and checking on us! It’s nice to see our Prowl alumni still check out the site!! <3

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