The Lady Panthers huddle before the game for support.

Hurricanes swept away by Lady Panthers’ volleyball team

  Lecanto’s Varsity volleyball team, the Lady Panthers, swept away their county rivals, the Citrus Lady Hurricanes Tuesday, September 20. However, the victory was not without its pressures. During the…

Andrew Tourigny draws the movie title colorfully to express the uniqueness of the movie The Help. (Photo: Chesser)

Cleaning up at the box office: The Help

When I first thought of going to see The Help, my intial thought was: “Why would I go see this movie?  This one can’t be very good.” Then again, opinions are always changing. The…


FBA builds up money for gazebo

Future Builders of America (FBA) is selling “the world’s finest” candy bars as a fundraiser. They need to raise money to purchase supplies for the new school gazebo that they would like to build….


Tyler’s Tie Tells All: September 26, 2011

  Principal Kelly Tyler’s tie possesses mystical powers that predict the coming week of school activity. Expert tie interpreters from Newspaper teacher Jennifer Poyner’s journalism class have deciphered the messages…


Students snorkel in the name of science

Science teacher Lisa Merritt took her Marine Science classes to the Marine Science Station (MSS)  Sept. 16 and 19 to give them a visual representation of material that had been covered in…