The Lady Panthers stretch as a team before the game.

Rookie volleyball team chalks up another win

The Lady Panthers’ Rookie Volleyball team won by a landslide at an away game against West Port Wednesday, September 28, with a whopping score of 25-13 the first game and 25-15…


Keeping up with the latest trends

  Throughout high school and into the rest of our lives, we witness a number of fads and trends that seem to come and go like the tide. These trends…


Selling candles to raise some cash

The drama department has been raising money through a Yankee Candle fundraiser. Drama teacher Mandy Mathieu led this fundraiser, but the students are the ones who sold the candles. The money…


American Teen Cancer Society / Relay for Life Update: October 3, 2011

Members of ATC will be pre-selling bags of Kettle Corn October 10-13 between classes. Delivery will be during 4th block, Friday, October 14. The price is $4.00 for original, $5 for Karmel Kettle Corn….


Tyler’s Tie Tells All: October 3, 2011

Principal Kelly Tyler’s tie possesses mystical powers that predict the coming week of school activity. Expert tie interpreters from Newspaper teacher Jennifer Poyner’s journalism class have deciphered the messages that…