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The students and staff at LHS are a talented bunch.
Check out some of their work in the Cultural Arts section.


To Be Alive Once Again by Samantha Kempton

To Be Alive Once Again By: Samantha Kempton With many of Kempton’s pieces, she enjoys formulating her art around the idea of life, living, dreams, and what we call “the real…


To Be a Part of a Modern Marvel by Samantha Kempton

To Be a Part of a Modern Marvel By: Samantha Kempton Everyone has a dream to become something. This comes from the imagination given by inspiration to do something important and most of…


Pull Me Through by Cody McCary

Pull Me Through By Cody McCary True friends are there for you in challenging times and in times of ease. They are there to create great memories and pull you through…


To See The World by Samantha Kempton

To See The World By Samantha Kempton Senior Samantha Kempton sees her world in the form of art. Spending her cherished high school life in the Lecanto School of Arts…


To Break A Bat by Samantha Kempton

To Break a Bat By Samantha Kempton What if we lived in a world where objects could dream? With her senior year just beginning, Kempton has begun creating artwork for…