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Choosing a box of Oreos is always difficult unless you have a favorite in mind (Photo: Johnson).

Students love different flavors of Oreos

McKenna Johnson, Staff Writer – Lecanto High School [LHS] students love a variety Oreo flavors. Since March 6, 1912, Oreo has been making its name in the food industry with…

Lecanto senior Jordan Zoucha playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on his Nintendo Switch (Photo: Philipson).

Nintendo switches things up with their newest console

Jazzy Philipson, Staff Writer – Nintendo released their newest console, the Nintendo Switch, March 3, 2017. The attraction comes from it’s incredibly unique feature of doubling as not only an…

Sophomore students show their appreciation for the new version of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" (Photo: Adkins).

“Beauty and the Beast” smashes records at the box office

Staff Writer, Erica Adkins – The newest Disney film, “Beauty and the Beast,” waltzed its way to number one at the box office on its opening weekend making a record-setting…

The cover art for the book "Circus Galacticus" (Photo: Fagan).

“Circus Galacticus” tells a tale of adventure

Chelsey Keadle, Staff Writer – “Circus Galacticus,” written by Deva Fagan, is about a girl named Beatrix Ling [Trix] going on an out-of-this-world experience. The book is written in the…

Anime and Manga Club member Riona Westphal reads the Full Metal Alchemist manga in the downstairs library (Photo: Johnson).

Anime and Manga Club members hope to spread their passion

McKenna Johnson, Staff Writer – The Lecanto High School [LHS] Anime and Manga Club [AM] consists of a¬†group of students who meet to discuss their common interests and play games….