Panthers round up to streamline the testing experience

LHS seniors pose for a group photo during the FSA Roundup. (Photo: Jessica Price)

LHS seniors pose for a group photo during  Panther Roundup (Photo: Jessica Price).

Katherine Egge, Staff Writer – The Florida State Assessment [FSA] is one of the most important tests a high school student can take. Because of this, testing season can be a stressful time for both students and teachers alike. And yet, Lecanto High School [LHS] may have found a solution to help alleviate the stress.

Panther Roundup is a schedule designed specifically for testing days consisting of 350 or more students scheduled to take a standardized test. A variety of study sessions, presentations, and activities are planned for non-test takers. Each grade level has their own activity planned ahead of time to make the process as enjoyable and helpful as possible.

“We spent some time in the Curtis Peterson Auditorium [CPA] to watch a movie before we tested,” said sophomore Ashlynn Barton. “It gave me some more time to study.”

The underclassmen taking the exam resided in the CPA with their respective grade levels before and after their assigned FSA Writing testing sessions. The idea was to provide a safe environment to help the students with testing anxiety, and to keep them all in one place.

”My favorite part of staying in CPA after the test was just being able to relax and not stress about attending my normal classes,”  said freshman Madelyn Chandler.

While the FSA was in session for freshmen and sophomores on campus, the juniors busied themselves with reviewing for their U.S. history exams. Select teachers on campus worked together to give juniors the best experience possible with activities and lessons.

“I was in the 97 building doing a bunch of history review activities with the other juniors,” said junior Noella Stanley. “I feel like I better understand the material now [and] it was really helpful.”

The senior class met with a variety of guest speakers and teachers on campus. Many presentations were conducted with the intention of helping seniors prepare for the real world.

“They taught us to plan better for adulthood,” said senior Emily Shetrone. “We learned a lot about budgeting, taxes, and potential career paths. There was even a chance to win a free chromebook.”

Panther Roundup provided a unique opportunity to students to enjoy themselves and prepare for the upcoming testing season, regardless of their testing schedules and grade levels.

“Testing days were complicated in the past,” said Barton. “The FSA Roundup really made things easier.”

LHS students and staff look forward to five more Panther Roundup days coming up in May before finishing out this school year’s testing season.