LSA seniors put their masterpieces on display

Jetta Zakaria stands by her display of art works that visually defines her investigation of “plants and their environment.”

Jetta Zakaria stands by her display of art works that visually defines her investigation of “plants and their environment” (Photo: Newman).

Madeline Wyka, Staff Writer – Lecanto High School [LHS] senior art students got a once in a lifetime opportunity to share their art with the public in the Lecanto High Senior Art Exhibition at the College of Central Florida [CF] on March 5. The show was a requirement for the Lecanto School of Art [LSA] members, and many are thrilled to be a participant.

The students have been working on their pieces to display since their junior year, meticulously crafting them to ensure that their exhibits are unique and extraordinary.

Senior, Madison Verdone was eager to unveil her final piece after developing it for so long, and specifically looked forward to showing it off to those close to her.

“I’m excited for my parents and teachers to see the stuff I’ve been working on,” said Verdone. “It’ll be a fun night.”

Each student was tasked with preparing six to eight individual art works and focusing them around a single topic, exclusive to each student.

”I really liked talking about my art to [other] people,” said senior, Ellen Farnsworth.

Alexis Stires, a senior LSA member felt a personal connection to the art she prepared, and the artistic process as a whole.

“It takes so much work, and it’s not just about [the] painting; we’re making art,” said Stires.

Aside from the main event, LSA students also wrote an artist statement to display with their work. This helped prepare them for not only the art field, but  formal writing as well to help diversify their strengths.

One guest at the exhibition, English teacher Mary Garrison, had much to say about her experience.

“When I first got there they had an [introduction] then the grand reveal of the whole art show. Afterwards there was a food reception that I just couldn’t get enough of,” said Garrison. “My favorite part was definitely seeing another side of my students that just doesn’t come out in class.”

From an even closer perspective, art teacher Polly Hilgert, who spent much of her time this year assisting and preparing her students for the exhibition, spoke phenomenal words about the seniors.

”It was such a pleasure to watch the kids enjoy themselves with their art,” said Hilgert. “Today, a young girl even came up to me and talked about her and her father who visited us at the exhibit. She pointed out that reading the tags each artist had prepared for their piece added so much insight into the artwork.”

Overall, the exhibition was a huge success for the seniors, as well as those close to their hearts who were able to attend.