LHS culinary spices up the classroom

Senior Irma Ribera and Junior Examdra Pagan begin preparing cake mix. Photo by: Katherine Egge

Senior Irma Rivera and junior Xandra Pagan begin preparing cake mix (Photo: Egge).

Katherine Egge, Staff Writer –  Lecanto High School [LHS] offers a variety of interesting extracurricular classes and activities. One such class is culinary, taught by Suzanne Sheffield. Students partaking in culinary are taught and well-trained in the preparation and creation of foods, and have the potential to move up in ranks.

There are four levels in the class, with students beginning as a level one, and receiving new responsibilities and privileges with each upcoming levels. Students must complete the necessary book work in order to begin baking and cooking in the kitchen. There is less book work and more hands-on tasks as students reach higher levels.

“I’m a level three so most of my time in culinary is spent in the kitchen. We rarely do book work,” said sophomore Cason Phillips.

Every culinary student has the opportunity to work in the kitchen if they meet the set requirements. Students are assigned culinary projects based on their experience and level.

“We’ve been assigned the picnic challenge, so we have to make something that could be brought on a picnic,” said senior Irma Ribera. “My group and I have decided to make waffles from cake mix.”

With so many unique projects to pursue, there is much room for creativity in the kitchen. Students work with their assigned teams to complete tasks and meet deadlines.

“My favorite part of doing projects in culinary is seeing everything come together as the final product,” said senior David Kelly.

Along with offering culinary classes, LHS also features school wide catering services.

“We just did a monthly birthday cake for Lecanto Middle School and this month we will be catering the JROTC field day,” said Sheffield.

Not only do students learn the basics of culinary and enjoy creating their own food, they also create lasting friendships.

“The best part of teaching culinary is the students. They’re different every day, which means I’m different every day,” said Sheffield. “There’s no such thing as a boring day for me.”

From cooking and baking for a class to catering for the school, LHS culinary offers students many opportunities that would be difficult to find elsewhere.