AVID juniors enjoy an educational field trip to UCF

Leroy Hart, Emily Vega, Brianna Wenrich, and Farrah Friend take a picture together on campus (Photo: Hart).

Juniors Leroy Hart, Emily Vega, Brianna Wenrich, and Farrah Friend sit together on UCF campus (Photo: Hart).

Essence Cokely, Staff Writer – Wednesday, February 20, Advancement Via Individual Determination [AVID] juniors went to the University of Central Florida [UCF] in order to receive an informational tour on the campus’ different study programs and other facilities. For students who plan to attend UCF, the experience was valuable.

Junior Leroy Hart felt that the event was very educational and even considered UCF as a viable option for future enrollment.

“Overall I think the trip was great. I honestly think UCF is a great school and I may pursue a future there,” said Hart.

Some students enjoyed the fun they had with their friends as they experienced being on the campus.

“I really loved walking around, eating, and taking pictures with my friends. It made me think about going to school [here] since it seems like such a calm yet productive environment,” said junior Brianna Wenrich.

Junior Emily Vega found that learning about the programs she was interested in and the college’s success rate was intriguing.

“The business building was amazing and the engineering building was great as well,” said Vega. “They explained a lot about their programs, how many students were successful, and their payroll after graduating from UCF.”

Junior Farrah Friend believes the event showed her and her class a real insight on life after high school.

“I think the field trip opened our eyes to the future and our potential, I’m happy we went and were educated on the school itself,” said Friend.

The experience gave students motivation and helped them to realize that they can achieve their future goals.