The PERT test is PERTfection

Lecanto School Of the Arts (LSA) Sophomore Bianca Dvorsky studies diligently for the PERT.

LHS sophomore Bianca Dvorsky studies diligently for the PERT exam (Photo: Egge).

Katherine Egge, Staff Writer – The Postsecondary Education Readiness Test [PERT] has made quite the impact on Lecanto High School [LHS] students this year. With three subjects available, along with several testing dates throughout the year, many students have taken the opportunity to take this unique exam.

The PERT exam is most commonly taken by students who plan on entering LHS’ dual enrollment program. If they pass and meet all other requirements, they are able to attend classes at College of Central Florida [CF].

“The PERT is the entrance exam to become a dual enrollment student and a college placement exam,” said LHS counselor Sandra Torres.

Although passing the exam is not a requirement for graduation, it can only help students in the long run. In addition to aiding in the application process for dual enrollment, it can be a saving grace to students who have failed a similar test in the past.

“The PERT is an efficient exam that can help students who have not passed the Algebra I End Of Course exam,” said geometry teacher Ty Hamilton.

Many hard-working students struggle with math and now have the option to take this test as a backup. Regardless of their differing academic backgrounds, students of all sorts join together to take the PERT.

“I took the PERT for dual enrollment in case I can’t do International Baccalaureate [IB] next year,” said Pre-International Baccalaureate [PIB] sophomore, Annabel Cunningham.

Whether it is the next step towards applying for dual enrollment, a college placement test, or simply saving a course credit, the PERT exam serves as the gateway between high school and the future for each individual test taker.

“To prepare, I have gone over past subjects and have completed several practice tests that correlate with topics covered on the exam,”  said sophomore Bridget Humenik. “I am taking the PERT because I want the best for my future and to one day reach my personal goals.”

For students who missed past testing sessions, the PERT is available to take on February 18-19.