Panthers blast off with Rocketbook

Students use the Rocketbooks in most core classes.

LHS PIBS Student using the Rocketbook in a core class (Photo: Wyka).

Madeline Wyka, Staff Writer – Recently, Lecanto High School adopted a new form of technology, the Rocketbook Everlast. This is an erasable notebook that can save its pages digitally. Through a grant headed by Jessica Price, Spanish teacher and the IB Parent organization, each Pre-IB [PIBS] and International Baccalaureate [IB] student was gifted a Rocketbook Everlast to use at their disposal.

The Rocketbook comes included with the notebook itself and an erasable friction pen; students’ work can be easily erased with a damp cloth. The notebook also allows the user to scan the page with a smart device, such as iPads or phones, and transfer the work into a variety of apps and services.

Freshman Brooke Pfeifer much prefers the Rocketbook to her original pen and paper.

“I’d say my favorite part is the easy wipe away. The book is a technological advancement that is beneficial to use,” said Pfeifer.

Even teachers can take advantage of the Rocketbook. Spanish teacher Katherine Reynolds enjoys every aspect of the Rocketbook.

“It’s environmentally friendly, reusable, paperless, kind of like a nice go-between for paper and technology, like a bridge between the two,” said Reynolds.

Some students are still figuring out the many advantages that the Rocketbook contains.

“I haven’t gotten totally used to it yet, but I’m positive it’ll be useful in the future,” said sophomore Dalton Inman.

The Rocketbook, although new to the school, is already making an impact. Students are thrilled at the many possibilities opened by their new notebooks.

”Not only does it help save paper, but it has a neat eraser feature on the pens, and it’s cool that [the pens] can be different colors,” said freshman Deep Patel.

Thanks to Mrs. Price and the IB Parent Organization, the students in the IB program and their teachers can immerse in all the advantages the Rocketbook has to offer.