LHS students participate in an international food showcase

Paige Daly and Madeline Wyka, Staff Writers – For the holiday season at Lecanto High School [LHS], social studies teacher Peter Rausch developed a unique assignment for his world history students. The project required his students to choose a country and research the culture as represented by different dishes. The outcome allowed staff members and participating students to test out a plethora of food from a variety of cultures.

Students and staff members gather to try different foods (Photo: Wyka).

Students and staff members gather to try different foods from all over the world. (Photo: Wyka).

The extent of the activity didn’t just stop at creating food from their country of choice, students also worked on their flag, ornament, and chart.

“We covered 124 nations and [the] students did extensive research on the cultural, social, and political backgrounds,” said Rausch. “We tied everything into historical relevance; food was a big way of influencing [the students].”

Freshman Amberly Grace felt that the project allowed her to de-stress and have a little fun in the midst of all the exams taking place.

“[The project] was really fun. You think it’s gonna be stressful, but when you’re cooking and making your ornament it’s fun to learn about the culture itself,” said Grace.

The idea of food appealed to many students, especially freshman Deep Patel.

“A lot of ideas went through my head for what dish to make. I cooked at least three different meals for myself, but I ended up doing Gulab Jamun [an Indian dish] for class,” said Patel.

The assignment met its goals by opening the students eyes to how cultures all around the world commemorate around this time of year.

“[The activity] was very effective, I now see how each country celebrates their holidays differently,” said freshman Rylea Anacleto.

In honor of the season of giving, all the leftovers were donated to two local homeless shelters with the intent to assist those in need.