LHS band moves forward with a new perspective after a recent marching band competition

LHS band awaiting their scores.(Photo: Burkhart)

LHS band members await to receive their scores (Photo: Burkhart).

Cailyn Burkhart, Staff Writer – Saturday, October 20, Lecanto High School [LHS]’s band competed against 22 other bands in Westport’s annual Ocala Band Festival. LHS performed their show, Do-Over Button, at the event. While many band members wanted a higher score, the competition was nonetheless a great learning experience for them as it allowed them to better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

First year marcher, freshman Josh Brown knew that the weekend performance would be a challenge, but felt it was important to push through by learning from their mistakes.

“At any competition, I always try to give it my all knowing that it could potentially boost our scores. [The struggles during practice] gave us the eye opener that we needed to help us try harder and do awesome at finals,” said Brown.

While it is important that the band practices as a full ensemble, it is equally of value for members to practice with their sections to perfect the performance on an individual level. After the competition, many LHS band members noticed what adjustments both their section and their whole ensemble need to make in order to achieve success.

“I noticed that with my section, I feel as though we need to work on dynamics, directional changes, and being on time,” said second year marcher and section leader, junior Danazya Gaiter.

“Overall I don’t see many musical issues in my section. That being said, even though they are good players, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own troubles, [for example] I think that something we struggle with is marching.” said second year marcher and section leader, sophomore Olivia D’Agati.

Multiple aspects of the band were recognized for their excellence. The percussion and pit group scored a superior, and drum major Anna Bailey was awarded a superior trophy as well.

Bailey was incredibly honored to receive her award, and felt proud of both herself and her band.

“I was in awe when walking up to receive my trophy for getting a superior, it was one of the best feelings ever upon running back to my band and being uplifted for my success. So even though I know we have some work to [do], I know that as a band we will be able to raise our scores and receive some superiors maybe even distinguished,” said Bailey.

LHS’s band members are excited about the season and other upcoming competitions, including the state finals.