Panthers tame the bears at delayed homecoming game

Madeline Wyka, Staff Writer – It was a busy schedule for the Lecanto football team as they spent their time preparing for the big Homecoming game against the Central Bears, to be played on Thursday, September 28. However, it wasn’t a clear shot for the Panthers as they had to adjust their schedules for Mother Nature.

On the night of the game, Panthers were up by 7 points when the weather started picking up. Eventually, it was decided that everyone be rushed inside to wait out the oncoming storm. The hours ticked by, until eventually the word came out that the game would have to be postponed until the following Monday when the Panthers would have another chance to capture the Bears.

Freshman and spectator Jacqueline Cook was rather annoyed at this sudden change in plan.

”By the time my friends and I heard the news, our whole schedule was out of order. We didn’t even have time to get food before going to the [homecoming] dance. Honestly, it was unfortunate, and I couldn’t even make it to the rescheduling of the game on Monday, but I had really been looking forward to seeing the team play,” said Cook.

Cook wasn’t the only one experiencing some letdown regarding the suspension of the game.

Junior Colton Dodd, running back for the varsity team, expressed his initial struggles while competing for a second time against the Central team.

”It was noticeably bothering all the players at first. First quarter we were playing slow, but second quarter we definitely picked it up,” said Dodd. “We just had to be the team that learned to play through the adversity.”

Football coach Timothy Bowman had some worries about the change of plans as well.

“I was initially disappointed about the game being postponed to Monday night.  The game was going and things were going good and stopping the game could change the momentum,” said Bowman.

However, it turns out the coaches had nothing to worry about.

“Our team came together in the second half of the game on Monday and really started playing.  We scored 27 points on offence and shut out central on the defensive side of the ball,” stated Bowman.

At the end of the night, the final score was 27-0, with the Panthers bringing out their best and scoring a great victory for this year’s homecoming game. Be sure to congratulate the players and coaches on their win when you see them in the halls.