Online education platforms help Lecanto High School students

Student logs onto Edgenuity another online option for students at LHS (Photo: Osborn).

Student logs into Edgenuity, another online option for students at LHS (Photo: Osborn).

Hanna Osborn, Staff Writer – With new technologies come many new learning opportunities, and this has been especially true of the internet. Online education programs like Florida Virtual School [FLVS] and Edgenuity allow Lecanto High School [LHS] students to recover missing credits, take electives, and engage in classes their schedule would otherwise not allow.

Many LHS attendees appreciate online options like FLVS as they let students  take required classes they normally would not enjoy in a more comfortable environment.

Sophomore Olivia D’Agati was content with taking a class over the internet because it allowed her to get the necessary personal fitness requirement she needs to graduate without forcing her to take a gym class.

“I took personal fitness to get the required credit [without taking it at the school throughout the school year],” D’Agati said.

Although online courses have instructors, LHS teachers can still play a part in guiding students through the course, whether it be helping them with specific content questions or by allowing the students to review through other means. Some teachers are also instructors for various FLVS courses as well.

Richard Wilson, anatomy and environmental science teacher, has his own online class of students and felt his role as an instructor was to provide support for them and get them on a quicker course pace.

“I’m more of a facilitator. I’m here to help you with any questions, and to get you through the program at a faster rate than normal,” said Wilson.

Junior, Deanna Van Loan thought that web-based programs like FLVS or Edgenuity are not perfect systems but greatly benefit in letting the student receive individual work time with an instructor if necessary.

“A definite advantage is having the one-on-one time with a teacher if needed, but one disadvantage would be that sitting in one spot can be boring,” Loan said.

Kelly Brady, an administrative assistant for online courses, felt that online programs are an incredibly useful tools and options for LHS since it gives upperclassmen the opportunity to make up failed or missed credits.

“It’s a great opportunity and without it [online credits], many wouldn’t [be able to] graduate,” said Brady.