LHS students explore many opportunities through Panther Hour

Students playing board games during their Panther Hour (Photo: Cheney).

Students playing board games during their Panther Hour (Photo: Cheney).

Tori Cheney, Staff Writer-  Lecanto High School [LHS] has experienced many changes this schools year. With the new seven period day schedule, LHS has also added Panther Hour every Thursday and Friday to allow students to explore their interests and academic needs as a part of their school day.

Every Thursday and Friday, students can choose between multiple clubs and activities to attend for forty-five minutes. The teachers also offer study sessions for students. During these days, the students of LHS follow a block schedule to allow them to have their Panther Hour.

Not only do the teachers and staff offer activities for the students to do, but some of the teachers offer extra help in the subject that they teach.

“I offer a math study hall where students are able to get personalized help from me while working on any math assignment or preparing for a test,” said Ruth Wyka, a math teacher at LHS.

She adds, “Panther Hour allows students to receive additional help with math, and it affords me the opportunity to give individualized help when needed.  It also gives me an opportunity to meet with students in a relaxed environment outside of the classroom.”

Many students at LHS love the idea of having a break in the day to catch up on some work for their classes or to hang out with some friends.

“I always go to the library during Panther Hour and I just like the fact that I have extra time to do my work that I haven’t finished,” said Kerina Wood, senior.

Many teachers at LHS like having Panther Hour to have extra time to get stuff done with their students that are in their clubs.

“I like that my students have more time to cook. We’re starting our Panther Cafe soon, so it gives us more time to get things [prepared]. The only thing I don’t like about Panther Hour is that it isn’t everyday,” said Suzanne Sheffield, culinary arts teacher.

Most of the students enjoy being able to relax in the middle of their school day towards the end of the week.

“I like being able to hang out with my friends while playing board games. Panther Hour allows us to have more freedom and a say in what we do with our time during the day,” said Emma Halleen, freshman.

So far, many LHS students and staff are enjoying Panther Hour.