LHS journalism students promote Culture of Clean

LHS students host the Culture of Clean booth at Hospice of Citrus Octoberfest (Photo: Osbourn)

LHS students host the Culture of Clean booth at the Hospice of Citrus Thrift and Gift Oktoberfest (Photo: Oswald).

Madeline Wyka, Staff Writer – Saturday, October 13, Hospice Of Citrus Thrift and Gift Shoppe, hosted their annual Oktoberfest,  allowing the public to display and promote their local businesses and organizations. Students of Lecanto High School [LHS] promoted a non-profit anti-littering campaign known as Culture of Clean at the event.

Culture of Clean is a project started by the county commissioners in partnership with LHS English teacher Jong Ash’s journalism class. The project’s main goal is to raise awareness regarding Citrus County’s pollution and littering issues to hopefully change citizens’ attitude towards littering through youth involvement. The initiative was started last year and has already been presented to multiple groups and events during this school year.

Culture of Clean members came prepared for the festival, bringing a variety of resources to better help explain the goal of their campaign. Many of these resources were created or designed by the students as well.

“The Culture of Clean crew has spoken at a variety of events. We have also made a poster board to use during these presentations, a video to display, and a large amount of buttons and water bottles,” said junior McKenna Johnson.

Sophomore Paige Daly believed this weekend was an overall success for the campaign.

”I think [the event] went pretty well overall. We were able to inform many people about what Culture of Clean is and why it’s so important that we speak out about an issue like littering,” said Daly.

Public Information Officer for the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), Cynthia Oswald was present and is very excited about the future of the initiative.

“I couldn’t  be more pleased with the commitment Mrs. Ash and her students have put into creating, marketing and promoting the Culture of Clean, a collaborative project initiated by Commissioner Jimmie T. Smith and supported unanimously by all five commissioners.”  said Oswald. “The ultimate goal is to have all three high schools involved in an anti-littering video competition this school year.”

LHS students are extremely grateful for the support, guidance, and opportunity of the county commission and Ash and look forward to seeing Culture of Clean spread its influence in the future.

“I’m hoping the project will expand as a whole, incorporating more students and possibly the other schools in our county, as well as see a larger-scale involvement from Culture of Clean,” said sophomore Aidan Bush.

In all regards, Oktoberfest was a rewarding event for Culture of Clean and all its members.