LHS has mixed opinions on the benefits of E-Hallpass

Cynthia Holmes making a pass to use the restroom (Photo: Ceballos)

Cynthia Holmes makes a pass to use the restroom (Photo: Ceballos).

Kevin Ceballos, Staff Writer- E-Hallpass is a digital pass system that Lecanto High School [LHS] have been using since last school year. E-Hallpass is a web-based application available on school issued ipads, along with mobile phones, that allows students and staff to make timed passes out of class.

As of this year, there are many new features that make the application much easier to use.

“There has been many improvements from last years edition. One of the new improvements is that students can save their favorite places [to and from], which speeds up the process of creating a pass,” said dean David Assumpcao.

Some find that using E-Hallpass is a quicker and easier way to create hall passes that benefits students and staff.

“[As a teacher], it used to bother me when students made me stop class so I could make a pass. With E-Hallpass, I don’t have to do that. The students set up the pass, I put in a code and their pass is set. I can continue teaching my class without [any interruption],” said social studies teacher Thomas Alden.

Spanish teacher Katherine Reynolds believes that E-Hallpass can be very time-consuming in certain situations.

“I can see [E-Hallpass] as a time saver, but if students don’t know how to sign in, this leads to me making a proxy pass which takes more time,” said Reynolds.

Some students have yet to receive their iPads, which leads to them having to use other means.

“I find it very frustrating not having an iPad when trying to make a pass, especially since most of my classrooms either have poor or no service. Then, I am either required to take a friend’s phone to sign in or ask the teacher to make a proxy pass, which takes up time,” said freshman Jada Wernicke.

While E-Hallpass is not a perfect system, it is helpful and is used by LHS students and staff on a daily basis.