Guidance counselors continue to impact LHS in a positive way

Counselor Sandy Torres does work on her computer (Photo: Licklider).

Counselor Sandy Torres working hard in her office. (Photo: Licklider).

George Licklider and Hanna Osborn, Staff Writers – School is back in session and the guidance counselors at Lecanto High School [LHS] have been hard at work. They have a variety of responsibilities such as scheduling, counseling and supporting students, managing grades, contacting parents, keeping students on track to graduate, and enrolling and evaluating new students.

With so many different aspects of their job, the counselors are able to positively influence LHS students through a variety of means.

Guidance counselor Sandy Torres said, “Once scheduling is done, my favorite part is being able to talk to the students to help them [to be successful].”

The counselors are passionate about helping students whenever they can. Many of them have amassed many years of experience, supporting students’ academic success not only through counseling, but in teaching as well.

Counselor Beth Evans said, “I have been a guidance counselor for 9 years, a teacher for a total of 30 years, and I have loved every second [of it].”

The guidance counselors deal with a lot of complex problems throughout the school year. One of the most challenging times for them is the beginning of the year; they have a lot on their plates between all the drop/add’s and incoming students.

“The hardest part about enrolling new students is not having transcripts because we don’t know what classes the students have already taken,” Torres said.

One very common request many students have is to get a schedule change. Counselors are often willing to try to adjust student schedules, but they must provide an adequate reason for doing so.

”It’s nearly impossible to shuffle students around without a credible reason as to why a schedule needs to changed,” stated William Bond, LHS guidance counselor.

From checking credits to helping students through rough days, the guidance counselors are priceless assets to all of Lecanto High School.