The LHS band holds their Second Annual Panther Showcase

Paige Daly, Staff Writer – On May 1, the Lecanto High School [LHS] band held their Second Annual Panther Showcase for spring in the Curtis Peterson Auditorium [CPA]. A variety of pieces were both performed and conducted by students.

Seniors Laurel Summa and Jackie Beery perform their duet (Photo: Summa).

Seniors Laurel Summa and Jackie Beery perform their duet at the Second Annual Panther Showcase (Photo: Summa).

The Director of Bands at LHS, Robert Crane, was the main conductor of the ensemble. His contrasting ideals separate him from the average High School Band Director.

“Most Band Directors focus [the concert] on the whole ensemble. My view is if they can’t do well individually, they can’t do well as a whole,” said Crane.

Some students who participated in the concert felt that they did well both as a whole and independently. But, others felt that they could do better and improve.

“I think we did pretty good; we practiced really hard for it,” said senior Korinne Heinz.

“Individually, I think I had problems but they were so minuscule that they didn’t really make a difference. I think some people lacked a little bit; some were unprepared and [others were] over prepared,” said sophomore Garrett Seneca.

Senior Laurel Summa, leader of the flute section and one of the four student conductors, was overjoyed about how the performances turned out. Due to her graduating later this month, she was also able to reminisce on memories that she had with all the band students.

“That was the last concert I’ll ever have in high school, so i’m very happy that it went so smoothly. I’m so grateful to say that I’ve been performing with most of these wonderful musicians for years now. I’ll miss them with all of my heart.”

The LHS band will be having their last performance of the year on May 23 for the class of 2018 graduation.