LHS’s Ember Oglesby commits to Lake-Sumter State College

Ember Oglesby poses with her team. (Photo: Oglesby )

Ember Oglesby poses with her beloved Lecanto softball  team. (Photo: Oglesby )

Hannah Wilson, Staff Writer – Lecanto High School [LHS] senior Ember Oglesby signed with Lake-Sumter State College [LSSC] this month to play for their softball team. She is excited to continue her athletic career, and will study to become a veterinarian.

Oglesby’s teammates are excited to see her pursuing her dream of becoming a professional softball player.

“I’ve been playing with Ember for years and she has become almost like a big sister to me. I hope she maintains [her] focus in academics and athletics. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Ember; I’m sure it’s going to be very bright,” said senior Hailey Crocker,

Oglesby’s coach, Robert Dupler, was proud of her and was happy to see another one of his players come out as a success story.

“Ember is a hard-worker, and really has a heart for the sport. She’s a player that knows how to adapt. She is going to do very well in college,” said Dupler.

Her teammates felt Oglesby was integral to the success of LHS’s softball team, and knew she would play well in the future.

“She is always extremely motivating and encourages everyone on the team to do their very best [which is] crucial, especially for a captain. Throughout the years I’ve played with her, she has always shown perseverance and motivation towards playing the best she could,” said sophomore Alyssa Androski.

Oglesby was very grateful to be able to play on the college level, and will always remember her experiences at LHS.

“I’m so glad to have been given this opportunity. I love softball and I’m so glad I can bring my passion and love for the sport to LSSC. My teammates here at LHS will always hold a special place in my heart along with the strong bonds I’ve made with them,” said Oglesby.