LHS students prepare for their AP exams

The students study and prepare for the AP exams (Photo: Bensette)

Students study and prepare for the AP exams in class (Photo: Bensette).

Liberty Bensette, Staff Writer – Many students at Lecanto High School [LHS] are preparing for exams in Advanced Placement [AP] classes. Testing for AP courses will continue through the rest of the school year. How well students score on their tests determines whether or not they receive college credit for that class.

Some students felt completely prepared to take their AP exams.

Sophomore Xandra Pagan thought she will be successful on the AP European History test, as she has diligently prepared for it in advance.

“I’m taking the AP European History exam and I think I’ll do fine because I’ve studied and learned the material I needed to in order to pass,” said Pagan.

The AP exams are notoriously difficult, so other students were worried that they might earn a low score.

“The AP World History exam only has a pass rate of one in six so I’m a bit worried about it,” said freshman September Boyer.

Students prepare for the exams in many ways. Pagan prefers to review material with multiple people instead of studying alone.

“I usually have a one-on-one lesson with my teacher or I make a study group with my friends to share information and help each other,” said Pagan.

Freshman Autumn Capasso felt the best way to prepare for AP exams is to continuously learn the class’s material and to remain optimistic.

“Honestly, all we can do is study, keep up with the class, and notes. Other things we can do is hope for the best,” said freshman Autumn Capasso.

Esma Caskey, AP World History teacher, thought his students will excel on their exam as they all put a lot of effort into the class.

I think they’ll do very well, they’ve been working hard and have been prepared. I hope to improve our pass rates from last year,” said Caskey.

Good luck to any students taking AP tests this week!