LHS prepares for upcoming SGA and class elections

Hannah Wilson, Staff Writer – With the end of the year quickly approaching, Student Government Association [SGA] elections are just around the corner for Lecanto High School [LHS]. Student candidates for office are making posters and signs for their campaign this week. There are four main office positions for both the SGA club and each class: president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Students will vote May 10.

Alicia Nagda puts up posters in hopes to gain voters support (Photo: Nagda).

Alicia Nagda puts up posters in hopes to gain voters support (Photo: Wilson).

The candidates are excited to have the opportunity to run, as they want to be involved in the school’s decision-making process.

“I think it is imperative to be involved in your school and be aware of what’s going on,” said  Kush Tailor, freshman and sophomore class secretary candidate. “I would definitely recommend SGA to anyone who’s committed to making this school better.”

Gavin Coe, sophomore and junior class president candidate, wants to be involved to positively influence LHS in any way he can.

“I believe that as a student it is our responsibility to try and make our school as good as it can possibly be. Running for class president gives me the opportunity to not only help myself and my friends but the whole rising junior population,” said Coe.

Nabila Kabir, sophomore and junior class secretary candidate, thought that campaigning itself was an enjoyable aspect of the elections, as it allowed her to promote voting in more unique and interesting ways.

“I look forward to campaigning for the upcoming election. I enjoy the competition and making creative posters for myself and other peers to get the word out about our ideas and what we have planned for the future,” said Kabir.

Student government already had a successful school year, and SGA students hope that incoming elected officials will make next year an even better one.

“I’m so happy with all [that] we’ve achieved this year from the parkland festival to winning our sophomore class hallway,” said junior class vice president Julia Javier. “I hope that I get the pleasure of working with the same group of awesome people.”

SGA and class elections are a fun and exciting time for all and look forward to seeing the results this Friday.