Annual Elk’s banquet awards academically successful students

Students hold plaquwa

Seniors Colton Gonsisko and Alexia Duncan hold their Student of the Year award plaques next to Jessica Price and Shawyn Newman (Photo: Newman).

Aidan Bush, Staff Writer – Sunday, May 6, The Elks hosted their annual dinner for Crystal River High School [CRHS] and Lecanto High School [LHS] Student of the Month award recipients. The banquet lasted for three hours, and 250 people attended. Two seniors were chosen from each of the two schools to receive the Student of the Year award, as well as $1000 in scholarship money.

Senior Alejandro Arevalo, Feb. Student of the Month, felt the banquet was a positive experience because it gave him recognition for his success in school and allowed him to reconnect with friends from CRHS.

“I enjoyed the banquet, I got to see many old friends. I’m [also] grateful that my hard work this year is being acknowledged, and not just being brushed aside.” said Arevalo.

Shawyn Newman, assistant principal, felt both the Elk’s program and the dinner itself are successful because they allow students to be rewarded for their academic achievements.

“It is an opportunity with a great partnership to enjoy hearing about and watching remarkable students receive awards. Of course, the best part for the students is winning the scholarship award,” said Newman.

The seniors agreed that attending the banquet had already become a memorable experience for them.

Senior Ashely Southey, May Student of the Month, enjoyed the award ceremony the most as it reinforced why she had been so diligent in her studies.

“The award was an honor, and felt gratifying to receive. It was validation that I’ve worked hard these past four years, and it’s paid off,” said Southey.

Blane Gower, senior and March Student of the Month, enjoyed taking photos with his senior classmates as they were all ecstatic to be at the dinner.

“It felt like everyone was genuinely enjoying themselves and [was] happy to be there and receive the award,” Gower said.

The banquet was successful and everyone who attended enjoyed the dinner and the ceremony.