The Taste comes to Citrus County

Citrus county enjoys a "taste" of something good (Photo: Torcuator).

People eat meals prepared  by chefs at The Taste (Photo: Torcuator).

Tori Cheney, Staff Writer – Saturday, April 14, The City of Inverness and the Citrus County Education Foundation [CCEF] held their annual food competition and festival, The Taste, on Lake Henderson in Liberty Park. The event qualifies for the World Food Championships [WFC]. Many students at Lecanto High School [LHS] attended.

During the competition, guests could try a small serving of a variety of food items from food trucks or restaurant booths. Vendors’ menus also offered larger portions for customers wanting a full meal. There were 20 top regional chefs in the competition serving food.

LHS students wanted to watch experts prepare and cook their signature dishes, so many of them found the competition to be exciting.

“To be able to see professional chefs compete seems really cool to me,” said Chazlynn Nowling, sophomore.

“My mom and I are really excited because we always watch cooking shows together, so to see it in person would be really cool,” said Sondra Schwalm, freshman.

There were a lot of other enjoyable activities for people of all ages, like viewing art pieces on display, beer and wine tasting for the adults, and a live performance by the band Lovestruck Robot. Because of this, many LHS students went to the event with their families and friends.

“I’ve never been to something like this before, so I think it will be pretty interesting. I like how there will be a lot to do at the festival. I am going with a group of friends,” said Kerina Wood, junior.

All LHS attendees agreed that The Taste was an entertaining event for all people involved.

The Taste is a fun festival for everyone to enjoy, especially if you are hungry,” said Rosemary Bolger, freshman.