LHS proves that siblings can get along

Alicia Nagda, Staff Writer – With 1,740 students, there are bound to be a few siblings at Lecanto High School [LHS]. People often assume that siblings all have intense rivalries, but in reality, most seem to be on friendly terms.

Danny and Brent goofing around

Danny and Brent Allan goof around in a classroom (Photo: Nagda).

Danny Allan and is a math teacher at LHS and sports coach for football, basketball, and softball. His brother, Brent Allan, is a senior and plays football and basketball. The two have a fairly positive relationship.

“It’s alright having a brother here. I don’t see him very often,  maybe in the hallways or in the mornings,” said D. Allan.

“It can be cool but sometimes you get questions that should go to my older brother and not me,” B. Allan said. “It also gets a bit annoying at times when everyone is coming up to saying ‘Hey, I had your brother last semester.'”

Both Allan brothers succeeded phenomenally in different aspects of their life, but each one felt they were the superior sibling.

“I am the better brother. Academically, athletically, overall I’m the better brother,” said B. Allan.

“I’m just a cooler person and the better brother,” said D. Allan.

Jesse Thomas is a sophomore and varsity baseball player at LHS. His little sister Kaleigh Thomas, is a freshman and varsity softball player. They are well known for looking similar to each other, but both Thomas siblings believe that is far from the truth.

“Everyone says Jesse and I look alike but I just really don’t see it. Some people call us twins and that’s a bit annoying,” said K. Thomas.

“Kaleigh and I don’t look alike and it’s weird when people say we do,” said J. Thomas.

Having a sibling in the same school allows students to have a unique experience. Some have rivalries, but all seem to be able to coexist in a positive manner.

Jesse and Kaleigh Thomas at Panther park after practice.

Jesse and Kaleigh Thomas stand at Panther park after practice. (Photo: Nagda)