Eighth grade orientation lets class of 2022 learn about LHS

Aidan Bush and Alicia Nagda, Staff Writers — Thursday, February 22, Lecanto High School [LHS] held two orientation events for the class of 2022. The first, which was exclusively for Lecanto Middle School [LMS] students, took place at 1 P.M. in the LMS gym. Various students from the high school ventured over to represent their given club, sport, activity, or program in order to show the incoming class what LHS has to offer. This same event happened on a larger scale at 5:30 P.M. at LHS, and was open to any eighth graders who might attend LHS in the fall. An estimated 200 families showed up at the evening showcase.

Eighth grade orientation is an annual event; many students who took part in previous years felt it helped them be less anxious about coming to LHS.

Students in Key Club set up their booth for the orientation (Photo: Torcuator).

Students in Key Club set up their booth for the orientation (Photo: Torcuator).

“The orientation really helped calm my nerves for high school,” said freshman Melanie Shanks. “It also made me less worried about how my first semester was going to be.”

“I was so nervous and scared [about] going into [the] 9th grade but the orientation really helped me [so] I wasn’t a wreck on the first day of school,” said sophomore Alyssa Androski.

At the main orientation at LHS, various sports, clubs, and classes had booths in the school’s gym. Some special programs, like the International-Baccalaureate [IB] organization, even had their own presentations in separate rooms.

Jason Worsham, Advancement Via Individual Determination [AVID] and history teacher, believes the informational stations were helpful for soon-to-be freshmen because of how student-led they were.

“We have our students tell them about what AVID’s all about. As a teacher, I can tell them all the facts about it,” Worsham said, “but it means more when the students tell them.”

Bill Langston, guidance counselor and the organizer of the orientation, was confident that the event assisted  future students and encouraged them to become more active in the LHS community.

“I think, as a student, it’s very important to be more involved with your school; it gives you purpose,” Langston said.

Jason Koon, principal of LHS, felt the event was also a way to show off all of LHS’s achievements in extracurricular events.

“We get to celebrate the success of what we’re offering here at Lecanto High School,” Koon said.

The orientation was a huge success for everyone involved and the eighth graders seem to be excited about becoming a Panther next year.