Tri-M music honor society attends FMEA conference

Tri-M students pose on the steps of the conference center Photo: Supplied).

Tri-M students pose on the steps of the convention center (Photo: Supplied).

Samantha Heward, Staff Writer – Lecanto High School’s [LHS] Tri-M music honor society went on a field trip to the Florida Music Educators Association [FMEA] conference in Tampa January 12. Chorus teacher and Tri-M coordinator Dixie Lay was in charge of the trip. 

Lay has taken Tri-M students to this conference for several years, and each year they got to experience a variety of music-related events.

“We went to Tampa to go to the convention center for the field trip. We attended workshops, concerts, met college music recruiters, and we were able to attend the All-State rehearsals,” Lay explained.

Band director Robert Crane attended the conference independent of Tri-M, but was able to see many aspects of the event.

“I kind of was on the trip, but I wasn’t in charge of it.The students were spread out and allowed to visit various classes and rehearsals, in which I saw them. It’s a great trip for the students and I’m glad that Mrs. Lay took them on it.” said Crane.

Senior Christian Tomaszewski white shirt) practices for the his performance at the FMEA conference Photo: Moore).

Senior Christian Tomaszewski  practices for his performance at the FMEA conference (Photo: Moore).

Senior Christian Tomaszewski was also part of the conference independent of Tri-M, and attended not only Friday, but Thursday and Saturday as well.

“Well I actually made the All-State band,” said Tomaszewski, referring to the prestigious, by-audition band, which performed for conference attendees that Saturday. “I was in rehearsal for basically the entire time.”

Freshman Evelyn Pynes did not go on the field trip but she is in chorus and had friends who attended.

“A few of my friends went and they said it was a lot of fun and they got to learn some new music techniques,” said Pynes.