Surprise! Teachers have lives outside of school

Tori Cheney, Staff Writer- Everyday, Lecanto High School [LHS] teachers come to work to educate their students; however, this is not their whole story. Just like everyone else, teachers participate in numerous leisure activities and hobbies.

Hamilton spends quality time with her daughter by walking her around on a horse (Photo: Hamilton).

Hamilton spends quality time with her daughter by walking her around on a horse (Photo: Hamilton).

Many are intimately involved in the community and other activities that students may not have even known about.

“Aside from teaching -this is my 22nd year here at LHS- I am a part-time scout with the Seattle Mariners, a commissioner with the State of Florida Board of Landscape Architecture, as well as a Blue and Gold Officer with the United States Naval Academy. I am the event chairman for the Sgt. Dennis J. Flanagan Foundation and enjoy fishing and golfing when I have extra time. I also enjoy traveling with my wife to visit our grown children,” said social studies teacher Brian Donovan,

Other teachers enjoy activities that allow them to feel more relaxed.

“I am an avid camper and backpacker, although my schedule does not allow me to do this often. I also enjoy video games. The only hobby I get to do often is read; I absolutely love reading. Reading allows me to relax in the evening. My favorite genre is science fiction/fantasy, but I also keep up with current events and read a lot of history books,” said Jason Worsham, who is also a social studies teacher.

“I’m a mom, so I like to cook for my family. I also like going to the gym, working out, and swimming. I’m so nerdy that I’m in a book club with my mom. I also like horses and, believe it or not, I find mucking out stalls relaxing,” said science teacher Angela Hamilton.

Family is an extremely important aspect of life for many teachers, and spending time with them is a definite priority. On the other hand, having some time to oneself is also necessary.

“In my current stage of life, I am a father to a three and a half month old daughter, so she takes up the majority of my time; however, when I do have some time to myself, I enjoy playing NBA 2K18 on my PS4. This is my favorite source of down time,” said English teacher Nate Cuellar. “If I am going on a family outing, I love taking a weekend trip to the beach with my wife and daughter.”

It may be surprising to realize, but each and every teacher is a unique and complex person with their own interests and hobbies.