Nelson leaves a legacy at LHS

David Nelson article

    Nelson poses with his military collection for Bay News 9. (Photo by Ferdinand Zogbaum, Reporter)

Alexandrie Bavcevic, staff writer – David Nelson, former Lecanto High School [LHS] social studies teacher, recently retired after teaching for twenty-eight years at LHS.  In addition to teaching, Nelson previously had a career in the United States Coast Guard.

Many LHS students enjoyed having Nelson as a teacher and thought highly of him.

“Mr. Nelson was someone who would always work with you and understand your situation if he saw that you wanted to be successful.” Senior Hailey Pine said.

Diedra Newton staff at LHS and former student, felt Nelson was able to both have fun and be serious when teaching.

 “Mr. Nelson may have been a very carefree teacher but when he was ready to get down to business he was ready,” said Newton.

Some simply enjoyed being around Nelson and will forever remember the little things that meant a lot.

“He did the greatest impressions, like Fog Horn Leghorn and a great German solider, he made morning duty an adventure and he always gave me Werther’s Original carmel hard candies; I didn’t know I could start the day without one,” said business teacher, Jessica Allnutt.

His personality traits at LHS made him a great teacher and role model.

”He made a great impact in my life. He always pushed me to work harder and pursue my dream to become a teacher. I could talk to him about what I wanted to achieve and he always believed in me. I even pursued a career in government and economics like him,“ said history teacher, Michelle Duclos.

Nelson has inspired many students in the classroom to be successful in their futures.

Senior Mariluz Valenzuela said, “Mr. Nelson has inspired me so much in my career choice “Homeland Security”. He also said that I’m going to be big one day [and to] just keep putting in the effort. If there is any teacher that I can say that is genuine about getting students to succeed it would be Mr. Nelson.”

Nelson did not only enjoy his job as a history teacher but was also very passionate about history as he started a collection in 1966 since he was eleven years old. One of the first things he collected was a German World War II helmet. In an interview in 2013 with bay news 9, we found out more about this passion .“When you’re talking World War I, World War II or the Civil War, Dave Nelson has it covered. He guesses he has more than 20,000 pieces of military history, and he knows the story behind each item,” said reporter Ferdinand Zogbaum.

Lecanto High School will not be the same without Nelson’s presence . He will be missed and we thank him for his years of dedication as a teacher and for his service in the United States Coast Guard .