LHS students enjoy reading different genres of books

Caitlynd Born-dohm actively reading (Photo:Nagda)

Caitlynd Born-Dohm actively reading. (Photo:Nagda)

Alicia Nagda, Staff Writer – Kids all the around the world read books, and at Lecanto High School [LHS] a lot of students are avid readers of both classic and modern novels.

Many students enjoy reading books as a form of relaxation.

“With a good book I can read for a long time, and it’s a good way to escape troubles and stress,” said freshman Austin Recta.

Students had mixed opinions on what genres of books were their favorites.

Freshman Kaleigh Thomas seemed to prefer mystery books because of the feelings of immersion they evoke in the reader.

“I read mystery books because they make me not want to stop [reading the book], and I feel as if I just can’t put [the book] down. It also helps me finish the book in a more timely manner,” said Thomas.

Other students liked different genres of books for their unique narratives and high-action moments.

“‘I like to read adventure, fantasy, crime, and anything with action and a good plot because, in reality, books are supposed to get you hooked,” Recta said.

Many students felt that reading books was a good way to have fun as well.

“Reading more would never hurt anyone. Of course, people shouldn’t be forced to read things they don’t like [as] reading books should be fun. It’s amazing when you actually start [to enjoy reading].” Arjun Deven, junior, said.

Regardless of what genre they preferred or what book was their favorite, students agreed that books are important and have strong educational benefits.

“I think we gather lots of knowledge through reading books, so I believe if a student wanted to gain more knowledge, that’s the way to do it!” said junior Payton Burdette.