LHS Girls’ soccer team moves on to the Elite Eight match

Isaiah Delgado and Alicia Nagda, Staff Writers- February 9, the Lecanto High School [LHS]’s girls’ soccer team moved on from the ‘Sweet 16’ soccer match to the ‘Elite Eight’ soccer finals in the state. The girls played against Eastside High School and won 3-1, to make their final season score 9-0-1.

The team after winning 3-1 to Eastside High in the Sweet Sixteen soccer match (Photo: Supplied)

The team celebrates after winning 3-1 against Eastside High School in their Sweet Sixteen soccer match (Photo: Supplied).

The season so far has been astonishingly well-played, with the team ranking number 20 in the state and 54 in the nation.

Tuesday, January 13, the girls will play Land O’ Lakes High School in the 2017-2018 Florida High School Athletic Association [FHSAA] Girls Soccer State Championships, otherwise known as the Elite Eight competition.

The team has various methods they use to play well.

Senior Andrea Javier thinks the key is working hard on and off the field.

“I feel like we all put in extra work outside of practice. We would work really hard over break and really try to work on communication and ball control with each other,” said Javier.

To Courtney Dye, junior, it is essential that members of the team keep personal growth in mind, as that was part of what made them so successful last year.

“We all had our own goals and wanted to achieve them, and we did,” Dye said. “We also made sure that we worked hard at every practice and strove for our best at all times.”

Sophmore Tristen King has high hopes for the season and thinks that they are definitely attainable.

“I think that with our undefeated season and work ethic, we can take it further than last year,”  said King. 

As the girls enter the state championships, they are keeping up their positive mind-set and hard-working attitude.

“I think if we keep doing what we’re doing and keep playing and working as a team, I think we can make it to the Final Four match”, freshman Fiona Connor said.

“I believe we can do anything if we put our minds to it”, said Dye.