LHS athletes look forward to the upcoming flag football season

Isabel Gorski, Staff Writer – From Feb. 12 to Feb. 14, Lecanto High School [LHS] held flag football tryouts at the Lecanto Middle School football field.

Head coach Richard Keeran, has a good feeling about this season since the team has done so well in the past.

“Our team has a very good past reputation,” said Keeran. “Last year was our second winning season in a row and we made district playoffs in number two seats.”

As with most sports, many students decided to try out because of their previous encounters.

Flag Football

The 2017 LHS flag football team throws up the Lecanto ‘L’ to show pride for their school (Photo: Wilson).

“I’ve never really played on a team before, but I’ve gotten a lot of experience with flag football from middle and elementary school gym classes and from playing outside of school with friends,” said freshman Olivia Camuñas.

Team members feel that flag football provides them with something they cannot get anywhere else.

“I joined the team because I love the energy and dynamic of the team. We’re all like one big family,” said senior Dallas Inman.

“I decided to try out this year even though I haven’t had too much previous experience because I’ve loved football since I was younger and it’s just something I have a lot of fun playing,” said Camuñas.

It is a very physically demanding sport, so the athletes have had to make sure to stay in shape during off-season.

“I’ve been running a half mile every other day, doing CrossFit, and doing 21 Day Fix just to get ready for try-outs,” said Inman, referring to specific exercise programs and diets.

The players alongside their coach have set up personal goals for this season in order to improve from previous seasons.

”I hope that by the end of this season I can make varsity quarterback to advance from my position last year as junior quarterback,” said Inman.

”This season I hope to be more organized during practices and such so that we can get more done in our short amount of time and improve faster,” said Keeran.

They look forward to another successful season this year.