Troupe 4009 steps into the spotlight at district theater competition

Liam Wolfe, Staff Writer – December 9, Lecanto High School [LHS]’s very own Troupe 4009, a group of students committed to the dramatic arts, went to compete against other schools’ drama departments. Students competed in a number of different events, showcasing their skills through performing monologues, acting in skits, presenting original screenplays, or other events.

While one might think that the objective of going to districts is to score higher than other schools, many members of Troupe 4009 had a completely different goal in mind. Having the opportunity to interact with other passionate performers was what drove junior Tiffany Adams to participate.

“You get to see people from other high schools that love theater just as much as you do and I just think that’s the coolest thing,” Adams said. “I loved the competition; I’ve been going since I was a freshman.”

Junior Franki Ranfone takes on a whole new persona for her performance (Photo: Wolfe).

Junior Franki Ranfone takes on a whole new persona for her performance (Photo: Wolfe).

Some LHS actors chose to perform in duets, in which they acted out scenes from productions of their own choosing with a partner. Junior Franki Ranfone partnered together senior Dori Ferber.

“We did a duet from a short play called The Blueberry Pill Accord,” Ranfone said.  “I loved being able to perform with her alongside the other schools. It’s a great way to make friends in theater.”

The performances were judged and given a grading where superior is the highest rating, and the scale continues down to excellent, good, fair, and finally to poor. If a student, or group of students, earned a high enough score compared to other performances, they were permitted to move on to the state competition. LHS had three groups move on to state. Veteran actor Joe Cartwright, senior, could not be happier.

“States is crazy fun and I’m excited to do it again. Four days in downtown Tampa, hanging out with other people that love theater; it’s a dream,” Cartwright said. “It’s a lot of acting in the most raw form that acting can be.”

In addition to her duet, Ferber also competed in the play-writing category.

“My play is called The Art of Being You, and apparently it has a Twilight Zone-esque feel,” Ferber explained. “I wrote it beforehand and submitted it a month ago. [The judges] talk to you for about ten minutes, but they kept me for almost twenty.”

The district competition provided an opportunity for aspiring drama students to show the accumulation of their talents. All students from LHS that participated performed fantastically, as their scores can attest.

Drama instructor Michael Moll was extremely satisfied with his students’ performance. 

“They did awesome,” Moll said. “I’m incredibly proud of what they’ve accomplished.”