Swimmers are recognized at the swim banquet

Samantha Heward, Staff Writer – The annual swim team banquet occurred Sunday, December 3. The event brought well-deserved recognition to the swimmers that worked diligently throughout the season.

The team had plenty of reasons to be proud of their work.

Swim coach Matthew Bouthillier made sure to recognize the significance of the team’s accomplishments.

Jordan Johnson and Sydney dandrige holding up their awards they got from the banquet. (Photo:Heward)

Freshmen Jordan Johnson and Sydney Dandrige pose proudly with the awards (Photo: Heward).

“We won the team district 2A-7 championship three years in a row. The team was undefeated 9-0 in the 2017 season,” Bouthillier said, obviously proud of the team. “The banquet went great; the awards went to people that showed hard work and improvement,” he continued.

Melanie Shanks, a freshman, felt that all of her effort came to fruition when she received her award.

“I enjoyed the banquet. I got the “Most-Improved” award and I lettered. If you work hard and do your best, it’ll pay off,” Shanks said.

Freshman Jordan Johnston had an amazing time with her friends and ended up winning an award herself.

“The banquet was really great. Everyone had lots of fun and enjoyed themselves. I personally had a blast; I laughed and got to talk to my friends,” Johnson enthused. “Also, I won the coach’s award, which was amazing.”

Team members enjoyed having the opportunity to spend one more night all together looking back on their successful season and good memories.

“The banquet went really well, I really enjoyed seeing all of the team together. I also enjoyed watching the video with all the pictures from this season,” freshman Katlynn Henry said.