LHS track and field athletes welcome the 2018 season

Nkwacha finishes a track meet (Photo: Copeland).

Nkwocha finishes an event during a track meet from last year, displaying the passion that track and field athletes feel (Photo: Copeland).

Aidan Bush and Isabel Gorski Staff Writers – The students of Lecanto High School [LHS] are anticipating the upcoming spring track and field season. Officially practices start Jan. 22, but those interested in the sport have been meeting to work out since Jan. 16.

The deadline for submitting a physical for participation in the sport ended the week of January 18.

Head track and field coach Robert Thompson welcomes anyone who wants to join the team.

“There [are] no ‘tryouts.’ You show up, and if you’re still standing by the end of it, you’re on the team,” Thompson said.

Both new members and veteran athletes of the team are looking forward to the upcoming season.

Junior Okechukwu Nkwocha, who has been on the team in past years, stated, “Track has been my passion since I was in the fourth grade. It’s something that I want to take into my future.”

Other students had different reasons for wanting to join track and field.

“A friend recommended it to me and I had done track in the past,” David Androski, freshman and new member, said.

Many track and field athletes have been practicing in different ways for a long time.

“I’ve been training and conditioning for the upcoming season since summer,” freshman Ethan Alt said.

“I plan to practice by doing sprints and jogging around my block,” Androski said.

Track practice generally begins with a group warm-up and stretch, and then breaks off into individual practices, focusing on more specialized events. Towards the end of practice, team members cool down and do stretches.

The future members of the track and field team have set up personal goals for themselves to build upon using the sport.

Sophomore Chase Wilson said, “My goal is to make it to states and get faster overall.”

“I have three main events and I’m planning on shattering the school record for those events. I have a goal and failure is not an option,” Nkwocha said.

Both experienced and novice track members are looking forward to the new spring season.