JV boys’ basketball team takes home a win against Nature Coast

Liberty Bensette and Alicia Nagda, Staff Writers – Tuesday, January 9, the Lecanto High School [LHS] boys’ basketball team played against Nature Coast Technical High School and won with a score of 86-72

This game was the first one of the new year for the LHS team.

As with any sport, having a personal strategy for success is vital for basketball. LHS players had various ideas about what they could do to perform their best.

The JV boys' basketball team works hard in every practice to bring their all to games (Photo: Nagda).

The JV boys’ basketball team works hard in every practice to bring their all to games (Photo: Nagda).

“[I try to] slow down, run the offense, not let shooters shoot,” said sophomore Chantz White.

Freshman John Dorsey saves his energy in order to “not get tired right away. I keep my hands up on defense,” said Dorsey.

Aayush Patel, sophomore, employed a different strategy during the game, in that he made sure “the outside shots were contested and full court pressure [was kept] on the ball.”

During winter break, the basketball teams went to Kentucky for a basketball camp, in which players practiced different styles and techniques to increase their future skills.

The students who attended this camp enjoyed it and felt it helped up their game.

“It was a bonding experience; we came together as a team,” said senior and varsity team captain Andy Garcia.

In practice, Garcia had the team focus on their player-to-player skills.

“We’ve really been looking into match-ups we can exploit,” said Garcia.

Overall, the team played great and are prepped and ready to continue playing the rest of the season.

“Coming off a loss, the team was ready to go out and win,” said Patel.