Students and staff have mixed opinions on the new Twitter character limit

LHS assistant principal Alex Stubenbort scrolling through his Twitter feed (Photo: Torcuator)

LHS assistant principal Alex Stubenbort scrolls through his Twitter feed (Photo: Torcuator).

Brian Torcuator, Staff Writer – Twitter is a social media platform where users can share anything from their opinions on social topics to events in their everyday lives. Twitter has become popular over the past few years due to its focus on instant news and entertainment. Recently, the site was propelled into news by a change in its fundamental operation.

The platform has always been known for having a 140 character post limit, but now that limit has been doubled to 280 characters. This shift has sparked some controversy in Lecanto High School [LHS].

LHS assistant principal, Alex Stubenbort, uses Twitter to share his story as an educator. He feels the new limit has benefits, but also drawbacks.

“I have mixed emotions on the change. I think it is great because it allows the conversations to be deeper, but I don’t like it because it takes the conciseness out of the 140 characters,”  Stubenbort said.

David Assumpcao, dean and frequent Twitter user, is not fond of the recent change and feels 140 characters made for a better Twitter experience.

“I am pro-140 characters because it makes you think of your point in a small window. Doubling the limit will take more time to read and analyze what is being talked about,” said Assumpcao.

On the other side of the spectrum, many around the school favor the new length of tweets.

Sophomore Guinevere Lim said, “It helps people type out more of what they want to say instead of needing to split it up into more than one post.”

Jericho DeCastro, freshman, shared similar sentiments to Lim.

“The change is one that is good because it allows tweets to be longer, which allows people to say more and just have it in one tweet instead of multiple tweets,” said DeCastro.

No matter how people feel about it, the change has been implemented and Twitter users will have to adjust.