LHS students join the pack of those who like Selena Gomez’s “Wolves”

Mallory Olds listening to Wolves by Selena Gomez (P:Coker)

Mallory Olds listens to “Wolves” on the bus (Photo: Coker).

Caleb Coker, Staff Writer – October 25, Selena Gomez released a new song: “Wolves”, featuring Marshmello. It has 18,000 copies sold, and 3.8 million streams. These numbers along with Gomez’s other record releases this year led to Billboard Magazine naming her female artist of the year.

Students at Lecanto High school [LHS] have generally positive opinions about the song, although they felt it was quite different from her other works.

Freshman Heidi Breeden said, “I really liked the song, but it was not what I was expecting. It was a lot of music, which is good, but I was hoping to hear more of her beautiful voice; her high notes are what keep me listening to her.”

Other students seem to absolutely love the song.

Mallory Olds, sophomore, said, “This song is everything to me. I’ve been listening to this song for days without end. I had never listened to Selena Gomez or Marshmello before and now I have branched out and I am listening to albums that date back to 2008. This is why people need to listen to the radio and talk to others about their music tastes, so they can discover different music.”

Some students have mixed opinions about the song, but they still like Gomez.

“The thing is I didn’t get to hear natural, raw voice. That’s why I love who she is. She doesn’t hide behind a lot of auto-tune. She has a beautiful voice and I want to hear more of it. I’m not big on the ‘electro’ music. It’s just a lot to take in,” freshman Megan Ryan said.

In the end, students still seem to love Gomez even if they were not absolutely behind “Wolves”.

Mia Osorio said, “Selena Gomez and Marshmello are both awesome artists and even more amazing people with great futures if they keep this mentality up.”