Gucciardo helps students let out their creative sides

Grace Gucciardo helping out her students with their projects. (Photo: Korman)

Grace Gucciardo uses her knowledge to guide students on their projects (Photo: Korman).

Madison Korman, Staff Writer – Grace Gucciardo is the new pottery and ceramics teacher at Lecanto High School [LHS] this year. For six years previously, she worked with elementary level children, but this is her first year teaching high school classes.

Gucciardo learned her craft at the Maryland Institute Of Art and now wants to instill her passion for creation in students.

“I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I like how, for me personally, every day [is] different. I want to share the excitement I have for art with others,” said Gucciardo.

She has found that watching her students mature and expand on their strengths over time definitely makes teaching worthwhile.

“Teaching has affected me tremendously as a person. It’s very rewarding to know that I have inspired students. It’s also rewarding learning from my students and watching them grow,” said Gucciardo.

For senior Alyssa Perez, working with ceramics relieves the pressure of daily life.

“I love this class because it gives me the opportunity to gain more talent in pottery. This also kind of washes the stress away,” said Perez.

Art classes of any kind allow students to work with a side of the brain often neglected during school: the creative side.

“I enjoy ceramics because it makes me feel like I can let my inner creativity and freedom out,” said junior Malena Marty.

Gucciardo has brought new ideas and and techniques to her classes.

“I enjoy [Gucciardo] because she teaches me things that the old instructor didn’t. She always helps out when needed,” said Marty.

Freshman Rebecca Feretti feels that Gucciardo is dedicated and very passionate about what she teaches.

“She is a nice and hardworking teacher, and she seems to really care about the students she teaches,” said Feretti.