Dean Robert Thompson dishes out discipline fairly

Mr.thomson sitting at his desk (picture:heward)

Thompson works to keep students doing what they are supposed to do so they can benefit from their time at LHS (Photo: Heward).

Samantha Heward, Staff Writer – Robert Thompson is the dean at Lecanto High School [LHS] in charge of dealing with disciplinary infractions for freshman and junior classes.

Senior Gage French does not know him very well but has a good idea of his work ethics.

“For every concern, he has gone through and provided the right amount of discipline,” said French.

Geography and Advancement Via Individual Determination [AVID] teacher Thomas Alden thinks very highly of him.

“He runs a tight ship and  keeps you in  line when you mess up. He applies the appropriate consequences, in the appropriate manner,”  said Alden.

Thompson enjoys his new position as a dean so far.

“Everyday is different. [The job] is rewarding and challenging and I love finding positive ways of dealing with negative situations. I love being around the students and the school,” said Thompson.

Thompson has not always been a dean.

“I’ve been at Lecanto for nine years but I’m in my second year of being the dean. Before I was the dean, I was the AVID coordinator and [a] history teacher. I taught AVID for five years,” said Thompson.

Being the one that enforces discipline seems like it would be a recipe for being disliked, but students and staff alike feel that Thompson manages his job with well with a caring attitude.

“Even the kids that have gotten in trouble still think he’s a great guy. He treats them fair[ly] and gives them a fair punishment,” junior Shade Carter said. “I got in trouble and got sent to his office once and he’s nice and fair and knows what to do. In my opinion, he’s helping everyone out by giving the troubled kids a punishment when they’re in the wrong,” said Carter.