Students hold mixed opinions on iPads

Students do their school work on the their iPads (Photo: Bensette).

Students do their school work on the their iPads (Photo: Bensette).

Liberty Bensette, Staff Writer – Many students in the Citrus County school district have received school-issued iPads to help with their school work and reduce the amount of paper used daily. Lecanto High School [LHS] has been utilizing iPads for nearly four years now. To avoid any problems with students submitting work, LHS has implemented a Wi-Fi network specifically for the iPads during school hours.

Each student has their own perspective on the school iPads and whether or not the iPads are more beneficial than the classic pen and paper.

“I prefer school work on paper because I don’t always have access to the internet,” said junior Justin Imhoff.

Junior Jennifer Wheat happens to disagree.

“I like doing work on [iPads] because it can be seen by the teachers and it can be organized easier than regular paper work,” Wheat said.

Plenty of students have a favorite feature on the iPads, but several hold concerns about the iPads. This is due to different opinions on different technological advancements or a general dislike towards electronics.

One of the biggest problems that students have with the iPads is the responsibility that it brings.

“Carrying around an expensive electronic device that I’m responsible for, with the fear of breaking it, is not really a good thing,” explained freshman September Boyer.

Several students would have no problem leaving the iPads and taking a trip back to the stationary aisle for pen and paper. However, a great number of the student population appreciates the school’s shift to technology.

“If the school switched back to paper and pencil, I feel it would be for the worse. Our technology is evolving and we have to evolve with it,” freshman Autumn Capasso said.

LHS administration also believes in evolving. Technology will continue to be an important part of education at LHS and the school will not be saying good-bye to iPads anytime soon.