New English teacher Kasey Akin relates to students

Aidan Bush, Staff Writer – Kasey Akin is one of many new teachers at Lecanto High School [LHS] this year. He teaches English III. He grew up in Texas, where he attended both high school and college.

Akin was not originally a teacher; he previously worked in the medical field and was interested in gene therapy. He only recently decided to become a teacher.

Akin prepares grade his students' papers (Photo: Bush).

Akin prepares grades for his students’ papers (Photo: Bush).

Akin felt he could better serve the next generation by switching careers to become a teacher.

“It’s a noble profession,” Akin said in regards to education.

Regardless of why he became a teacher, Akin seems to be enjoying his job, calling the experience both “dynamic” and “interesting.”

Students overall have very positive impressions of Akin as a teacher so far. For some, it is easier to relate to Akin due to his age.

“He knows more of what we’re into,” junior Shade Carter said

Junior Ethan Blair feels Akin has found the balance between being entertaining and being effective at disseminating information.

“He makes learning fun,” Blair said.

Students seem to enjoy his teaching style in general.

“He helps break down information,” said junior Tyler Terravecchin.

Despite only having him as a teacher for slightly over a quarter, his students enjoy having him as their English teacher and believe that he is an effective teacher. Akin will hopefully inspire students at LHS for years to come.