LHS students fall strangely in love with Stranger Things

LHS students watch Stranger Things season 2 (Photo: Cheney)

LHS students catch up on the second season, watching at any opportunity (Photo: Cheney).

Tori Cheney, Staff Writer- Season two of Stranger Things, a wildly popular science fiction-horror television series, was released on October 27 and is now streaming on Netflix. The new season has done well commercially: 16 million Americans watched the season premiere. Lecanto High School [LHS] has many fans of the show and they are looking forward to what the new episodes have to bring.

The second season arrived a year after the first, and impatience ran rampant among fans during the intermittent time.

“I feel like I have waited so long for it to come out. I heard a week before Stranger Things was actually put on Netflix that it was coming out and I was extremely excited. It felt like that week was never going to end,” said freshman, Sondra Schwalm.

Season two starts off a year later for the characters in the show as well. The new season was highly satisfactory for viewers, but also left everyone longing for more.

“I finished the new season already but it left me with so many questions. I keep re-watching it but I’m really hoping for a third season to come out already,” said Jonah Mele, sophomore.

Season two includes nine new episodes to the series, each episode filled to the brim with mystery and action. Fans were so addicted to the show that they binge-watched the whole season in only a few days.

“I told myself that I was going to take my time with this season because I watched the last season in two days, but as soon as I started watching the first episode, I found myself watching the whole season,” said Rose Bolger, freshman.

The new season resolved many cliff-hangers and answered questions, but it also created plenty of new ones. Matt and Ross Duffer, the brothers who created the show, are aiming for season three to come out by October of 2018. The date is not set, though.

Enamored fans cannot get enough of the show and want the world to see it.

“Stranger Things is honesty a really good show and I would recommend it to anyone that loves [that] kind of show or movie. It has me addicted,” said sophomore Chazlynn Nowling.