LHS students express themselves through attire

Freshman, Ethan Alt looking at what is new about the clothing brand Bape. (Photo: Torcuator)

Freshman Ethan Alt looks at the new releases from the clothing brand Bape (Photo: Torcuator).

Brian Torcuator, Staff Writer – Fashion plays a major role in student culture at Lecanto High School [LHS]. Each student has their own style and vision, so there are many unique looks around the school.

The fashion industry is constantly changing. For students at LHS, this concept is part of what makes it special.

“I think fashion is a really important topic in this generation because we have a new trend everyday,” senior Shazae Melendez said.

How one dresses also greatly affects others’ perceptions, which is why some students care so much about how they look.

“I take what I wear seriously because I try not to look un-presentable,” explained Melendez.

Josh Ayson, sophomore, agrees with Melendez.

“When you’re dressed nicely, you will feel more confident throughout the day. Fashion and the way you dress is a factor in someone’s first impression of you. I feel that if you’re dressed nicely, a person is going to have a good or maybe a better first impression of you,” Ayson said.

On the other hand, clothes are simply a necessity to others in the student body.

Isaac Ashario, senior, feels no need to take what he wears all that seriously.

“Fashion is the way you look; it is something that won’t matter in the future. When it comes to a business meeting or an interview, though, that’s a different story,” said Ashario.

As years go by, fashion shifts focus, incorporating aspects and looks from different cultures and time periods.

“Fashion now has evolved to something where people can wear what is trending or what looks good to them,” said sophomore Noella Stanley.

One’s attire is a portrait of individual tastes and interests. The individuality fashion provides allows students to express themselves as they see fit. It is a privilege that one can take advantage of if they choose. In the end it is that desire that truly defines fashion as a cultural trend.