LHS students debate whether the current season is Christmas or Thanksgiving

Renae Bush, Staff Writer – Not even a full day past Halloween some were already starting to get ready for Christmas. Many stores started putting out Christmas decorations as early as October and the Hallmark channel on television [TV] has been playing Christmas movies. This has all led to a rekindling of the annual debate: is it too early to begin celebrating Christmas?

Students at Lecanto High School [LHS] have mixed opinions on the subject.

Some are shopping for Christmas snacks and candy when it is only the beginning of November. (Photo: Bush)

Walmart displays festive Christmas treats in early November (Photo: Bush).

Junior Lacey Jones definitely feels the holiday spirit.

“I’m so happy,” Jones said. “Christmas is really magical and it is one of the few things that can make me happy.”

Others, however, feel that celebrating Christmas so early makes Thanksgiving seem less significant.

“Thanksgiving gets no recognition. Everyone goes from Halloween straight to Christmas. I can honestly say that I think Thanksgiving gets no respect,” junior Edward Taliaferro said.

When it comes to Hallmark playing Christmas movies at the beginning of November, many students are confused and a bit put off.

“I can’t believe that countdown to Christmas is already playing on the Hallmark channel as it’s not even December yet,” said senior Emily Wright.

Despite commercial brands jumping straight to their main money-making holiday, many LHS attendees, including junior Kayla Crespo, want to make sure the world knows “Thanksgiving is a holiday too.” It is an important holiday that has a significant meaning and a rich history.