Kahoot continues its path of popularity

Kristina Hacker pulls up the website. (Photo: Born-Dohm)

Freshman Kristina Hacker logs onto the Kahoot site (Photo: Born-Dohm).

Caitlynd Born-Dohm, Staff Writer- Kahoot is a popular online learning game in which students log in using a class code and a username. Even if the program can be used by anyone at anytime, Lecanto High School [LHS] teachers often use it during class as a tool for review. In classrooms, teacher display the questions on the projection screen and students answer on their iPads.

Spanish teacher Katherine Reynolds is in favor of the game, especially the contest aspect of it. Kahoot shows players’ ranks based on number of correct answers and how quickly they were able to input those answers.

“Anything that makes learning fun is always a great idea,” said Reynolds. “I think competition is a good motivator.”

Sophomore Kiki Weidner agreed.

“It is a fun, quick way of learning. It is a good review,” said Weidner.

Ashlynn Pozzi, also a sophomore, is another positive voice for Kahoot.

“It’s like a quick, fun, little way to refresh your knowledge. After the questions, teachers can go over the subject,” said Pozzi.

The eco-friendly benefits of using technology also has also won over many students. Someday, textbooks may be a thing of the past.

Sophomore Jasmin Patel feels that the Kahoot program helps her absorb information more effectively.

“I prefer Kahoot because I learn faster if I am having fun and not just sitting down and memorizing from a textbook,” Patel said.

Overall, opinions are positive on technology, specifically Kahoot, in the classroom.