Colder weather hits LHS

McKenna Johnson, Staff Writer – As summer “fall”s away, Lecanto High School [LHS] students have  optimistically embraced the changing seasons and colder temperatures.

People living in Florida rarely get a break from oppressively hot weather. Fall eases the heat a bit, however, which is a nicer feeling to many and also invites a variety of fashion trends.

“I much prefer cooler weather over the heat. For the cold, you can wear layers and warm up, but when you’re hot you can’t do that. It’s much more comfortable to be outside when you’re not feeling like you’re burning,” said sophomore Riona Westphal.

 Sophomore Dylan Wise prepares for the cold weather with a colorful scarf (Photo: Johnson).

Sophomore Dylan Wise prepares for the cold weather with a colorful scarf (Photo: Johnson).

Fall is also the time for many sports. These sports bring people together under a common interest. Students like sophomore Ryan Reese get excited about the weather because it marks the beginning of a new sport season, and with that, the opportunity to indulge in something he loves.

“I look forward to the cold season because soccer starts up. I live [to play] soccer,” said Reese.

With winter break right around the corner, students are looking forward to the festivities.

“It seems I associate the holidays with cooler weather, so whenever it gets colder I get excited,” said Westphal.

Holidays also bring extra time to spend with families and friends; along those lines, many students have traditions that they take part in every year. The seasons changing is a reminder of those good times.

“The cold reminds me of the holidays and getting together with my family,” said sophomore Bri Neveu.

“The cold weather makes me excited for the holidays. Decorating with friends is my favorite part,” said senior Domiana Rohrig.

There are numerous benefits that come with the cooling temperatures and advancing months. Students at LHS are looking forward to what the new season will bring into their lives.