PantherGrams spread positive messages at LHS

Alicia Nagda, freshman at LHS, writes a Panther Gram to another student (Photo: Recta).

Alicia Nagda, freshman at LHS, writes a Panther Gram to another student (Photo: Recta).

Austin Recta, staff writer – PantherGrams are individual slips of paper on which a sender can anonymously write positive messages to be delivered to  someone else at Lecanto High School [LHS]. PantherGrams can be sent to staff members, teachers, and students alike. These notes are delivered in bulk by biology teacher Megan Richardson before third block so they can be handed out to the recipients during lunch in the cafeteria.

Richardson believes PantherGrams can help spread positive and friendly spirit throughout the school.

“PantherGrams are a great way to increase positivity and school culture on our campus; PantherGrams have to be positive and school-appropriate or they won’t be sent. PantherGrams can also be sent to teachers and other LHS staff members to show them appreciation,” said Richardson.

Recipients are often pleasantly surprised when they get a PantherGram delivered to them. One recent recipient was a freshman, Ana Gallardo.

“I didn’t really expect it; It was a really nice surprise, though. I had never heard of it, but now that I [have], I think they’re really cool and a good idea,” said Gallardo.

Many students are unaware of PantherGrams due to their lack of publicity. Richardson, however, believes that PantherGrams have recently been booming among students and will continue to grow in popularity in the future.

“PantherGrams are intended to give students a fun way to spread positivity, and we’ve been delivering about 20 PantherGrams a day, so I would say they are a big success,” said Richardson.