LHS boy’s golf team crushes South Sumter at recent game

Aidan Bush, Staff Writer – September 27, the Lecanto High School [LHS] boy’s golf team won 175-210 in a game against South Sumter. That victory made the season’s overall win/loss ratio 3-1. The best individual score from an LHS team member was 34, followed by scores of 41, 42, 58, and 61.

While golf is a sport based on individual performance, each player’s score directly impacts the standing of the team, so there is no room for weak team members.

Sophomore Alex Scot takes a swing during the match against South Sumter

Sophomore Alex Scot takes a swing during the match against South Sumter (Photo: Bush).

The team overall felt confident in how they performed.

Fernando Invernizzi, senior team member, was one of the many people on the team who felt positive about the results.

“I played really well,” Invernizzi said.

Scot Roberts, Information Technology [IT] specialist and team coach, has gotten to know the talents of each of his players, and has confidence in their skills.

“We have four kids that have the ability to shoot par every time they step on the course,” Roberts commented.

However, the team is not perfect; there is always something to be worked on. They know how they need to improve to get their ideal scores and continue to win.

Senior and team Captain Josh Wisemen has a plan for what the team will focus on.

“We could work on more short games to improve overall scores,” Wisemen said.

There were many highlights in the game, including five total birdies just from Wisemen and Invernizzi.

The LHS golf team is looking forward to their future games, and is confident that they will preform to the best of their ability no matter what.

Sophomore team member Garrett Pearcy feels he will do “pretty good” at future golf matches.

In all regards, the LHS boy’s golf team played well against South Sumter, but will continue to work hard to improve even more.